Let's Have a Treasure Hunt!

I'm super excited to introduce our new shipping boxes using graphics I created through Adobe Illustrator. 

The graphic below is the inside of the box, and there are 10 main items that you will see! 

a white background filled with gold drawings of various pieces of jewelry



  1. Collect all numbered items on the shipping box. 
  2. Take a picture of those pieces with the shipping box and email it on over!
  3. Receive a $75 credit that's good on everything! It cannot be stacked with any other credits or sales, and only one is allowed per customer. 


  1. Small Gemstone Ring
  • 4mm Gemstone Ring
  • Crystal Birthstone Ring
  • Minimalist Birthstone Ring
  • Blue/gray rose cut diamond engagement rings
  • Hexagon Moonstone Ring
  • Oval Gemstone Hoop Dangles
  • Herkimer Double Circle Eternity Necklace
  • Rose Cut Ring
  • Herkimer Diamond Studs
  • Oval Gemstone Ring
    • Thin Oval Gemstone Ring
    • 14K Oval Gemstone Ring
    • Oval Gemstone Ring
  • Rock Quartz Teardrop Earrings
  • Round Studs
    • Stud Bezel Earrings
    • Gemstone Huggie Earrings
    • 14K Moonstone Earrings
    • 14K Circle Studs
    • Small Circle Studs
  • Pear Moonstone Ring
      • Small Pear Moonstone
      • Medium Pear Moonstone
      • Pear Labradorite 


    I can't wait see all your photos! Email them to rachael@simplychicjewelry.me.

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