Our Mission

At Simply Chic Jewelry, we know it's no secret that women are expected to look more perfect, polished and professional over their male counterparts. There is so much decision fatigue before she even walks out the door: hair, makeup, outfit, shoes, jewelry. And we know busy women don't have enough time every day to spend finding jewelry that will match their outfits. We created a line of timeless, versatile and sustainable jewelry pieces to help eliminate that decision fatigue. So that busy women can walk out the door more confident, energized and ready to crush their work day.


About The Designer

As a busy woman (wife, mom, career-woman, entrepreneur) myself, I can totally relate. I'm Rachael, owner and designer of Simply Chic Jewelry. 

A image of two images. Left, a woman smiling into the camera with her right hand on her shoulder. Left, a woman using a butane torch to solder two gold rings.

I understand how it feels to want that "go-to" piece of simple, timeless jewelry so I don't have to worry about what to wear. I wanted to find a piece that seamlessly matches every outfit; I could wear it to work, and then out to date night.

But I didn't want to waste anymore time searching for it, so I created my own. The inspiration from my designs comes from a love of simple, sleek and clean lines, with just a tiny splash of color. I'm a no-frills gal, so I wanted my jewelry to be the same.

My passion for creativity started when I was really young, I grew up around two important people in my life (my grandparents) who were always using their hands to make something. I was always around it. My grandma loved painting, cooking, baking and crafting. My grandpa worked in his workshop building wood birdhouses, puzzles, building golf clubs, etc. He bought me a "how to" sketch book as a child. It was of the simplest little humans and creatures but I loved sitting at the dining room table and drawing with him. I didn't find out later until he passed that he owned his own carpentry company called Garling Builders. I thought he just worked for someone. Nope, he worked for himself! I see can some of myself in his story and I know he would be so proud of me. 

It wasn't until 2014 that I started Simply Chic Jewelry and I took it even futher in 2015 by studying YouTube videos on metal-smithing techniques. After learning the basic techniques, I finally felt like I could bring my vision of timless and versatile jewelry to life. During this time my career grew as well and I felt like I could make that "go-to" piece that I was searching for.

I continue to further my knowledge to test and expand my techniques so I can continue to provide elegant and versatile pieces without sacrificing the look of simplicity and quality. I have since studied with the GIA in their Applied Jewelry Professionals Program and with Ashworth College in their Jewelry Repair and Design Program. 


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