Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Prong Pendant Necklace

  • $44.00

Herkimer Diamonds are double terminated quartz that are found in Herkimer, NY as well as other places in the US. Double terminated means that the quartz crystal comes to a point at each end. Each herkimer diamond has 18 facets which helps to create a beautiful luster. Since each herkimer diamond is found naturally no two will ever be the same which allows for a truly unique piece.

♥ Please choose your metal finish in the drop down boxes.

MATERIAL & LENGTH (based on your preference):

♥ 8-10 mm A-quality Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal (meaning they're not perfect and may have inclusions or chips)
♥ 20g Sterling Silver/ 14K Gold Filled/ 14K Rose Gold Filled Wire for the prong setting
♥ No two herkimer crystals are the same and some may have black natural inclusions.
♥ Precious metal materials
♥ 18" chain


♥ Each prong setting is created from 20 gauge wire in 7 steps and tumbled for durability for 4+ hours.
♥ Once the pendant has gone through its first tumble, the Herkimer Diamond is then added and the prong setting is closed. Don't worry,this little beauty isn't going anywhere!
♥ The pendant is tumbled one last time for at least 2 hours.
♥ Tumbling polishes, clears away any debris/oxidation and hardens the metal.