Rainbow Moonstone Rose Cut Gemstone Closed Hammered Bangle

  • $46.00

These bangles are lightweight and are not adjustable. They are sturdy enough and they should not become misshaped unless brute force is used. These would be a perfect addition to your other Simply Chic Jewelry pieces. Pair them with the matching hoop earrings and rings or wear them separately; they work either way! These bangles come in the hammered texture only.


♥ Please choose your size and metal preference in the drop down boxes.


♥ 14 gauge 14K Rose Gold Filled / 14K Gold Filled / Argentium Sterling Silver Wire
♥ Coordinating Solder
♥ 8mm Rose Cut Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone
♥ No two gemstones are alike
♥ Sized to your specifications.


♥ Each bangle starts out as a piece of wire that is hand cut, formed, and filed.
♥ The bezel is then soldered in line with the rest of the bangle and tumbled.
♥ The gemstone is then set and it's ready for wear!
♥ Tumbling helps to polish, harden and clean the metal and each bangle will tumble for 6-10 hours.


♥ These bangles are designed to fit loosely on your wrist without slipping off your hand. To measure your write position your hand as if you were putting on a bangle with your thumb extended across your palm and reach toward your pinky finger. Wrap a soft measuring tape (or strip of paper) around your hand’s widest part – at the knuckles and thumb. The number where the paper or measuring taps overlaps is your hand size. The bangles in the picture are size M.

♥ S: 2.25” diameter (child/teen)
♥ M: 2.5” diameter (average)
♥ L: 2.75” diameter
♥ XL: 3.00” diameter