The Intention Box:  WISDOM
The Intention Box:  WISDOM
The Intention Box:  WISDOM
The Intention Box:  WISDOM
The Intention Box:  WISDOM

The Intention Box: WISDOM

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Introducing the Quarterly Intention Box - WISDOM featuring Lapis Lazuli and Witches Brew. 

  • 18" Third Eye 8mm Lapis Necklace
  • Hammered Hoops with 4mm Lapis Lazuli gems
  • Third Eye Rose cut 6mm Lapis Lazuli gems
  • 6mm Rose Cut Lapis Lazuli Ring
  • Dot Studs
  • A Crystal Cluster Ring Holder
  • Wax Melts

Gemstone Properties:


Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of wisdom and good judgment. It has everything one needs to begin to understand what they truly want in this life. Lapis is the stone of self knowledge and "Total Awareness", bringing you a perspective that is omnipotent and multidimensional. Using this stone to access your internal wisdom will allow you to deeply understand what makes you tick, and how to manifest in a way that works for you.

It helps you to move out of the mundane mind and into an expanded awareness of your motivations and beliefs and enables you to identify your gifts and abilities, as well as your limitations and opportunities for growth. Manifestation cannot work unless you do. Lapis helps to remind you that you are the creator of your universe and must understand your internal truths/motivations/beliefs to create your own magic. 

Lapis Lazuli will help open your Third Eye Chakra.  The Third Eye Chakra is the most mystical of all 7 and is all about seeing clearly in both worlds of existence. Get a clear perspective of your physical life's meaning as well as that of your spiritual path. It awakens the third eye and enhances your ability to visualize and receive visual guidance or information. This is a good stone for helping you remember your dreams and promoting clarity during dreamtime.



What is the box?

A quarterly non-subscription based box that contains gemstone jewelry designs and wax metals representative of a specific intention. Two different boxes will be released every quarter.

What is an intention?

"the thing that you plan to do or achieve: an aim or purpose."

What's in the box each quarter?

  • A new intention set
  • Exclusive gemtones and/or gemstone shapes
  • Exclusive jewelry designs
  • Custom wax scent blends and melt shapes
  • Exclusive items/designs will not be sold out of the box.